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09-23-2010, 05:08 PM
Because that's what you want...if you can't have a Nebula class starship you automatically want a borgified or infected tribble...Cryptic instead of pulling a 'smoke and mirrors' routine - (You, the consumer) "Hey, where's the Nebula? It's supposed to be in-game by now" (Cryptic) "INTRODUCING THE NEW AND REALLY AWESOME BORG AND UNDINE TRIBBLES! YAAAAAAAY! WOOOOOOT!" - how about a post both on the forum and in game explaining as to why there has been a delay.

If your stocks dropped, I'm sure you wouldn't waste time telling your investors the reason why. We, the consumer - who gives you money in return for endless hours of sci fi fun - are like investors. When things are delayed, we have a right to know the reason why it is so. So get a Cryptic PR guy in to earn his money for the day by posting an official response as to the reason behind the "can't produce the goods" Nebula class.