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09-23-2010, 06:43 PM
Originally Posted by Tiuz
If I'm still playing when the next test weekend is coming, I will test, too (like I did the last two times). I also participated in all those threads regarding improvements of ships and whatnot. But I don't see that anything's happening to improve the game at all - to the contrary.

I just don't know what to think of this game. My dedication is completely gone and when I'm playing, I leave the game after a few minutes, because it's just annoying. During the beta and the months afterwards, I played many hours a day - today I did one PvP match (with a leecher on my side) and left. Bugs which have been fixed come back with the next patch, tickets which are months old are still unchanged and the related bugs still in the game... Sad, that this is supposed to be the game we trekkies waited for.

And now: items I thought were only available once in a special event are now available to everyone. It kinda takes away the incentive to do anything. Think what you want, it's just my opinion.
I feel for ya and I get it. I think many dont really understand the point. Cryptic is being shady here. They offer some incintive or perk that they advertise as being exclusive(no matter what you all say, you want to have that cool item that no one else does) . They lure people in, not always for that reason, but as a reward for helping and getting things they need from players.. IE lab rats. Then , later, after they have what they want, they bow to the rest of the people whining about not getting that special item even though they did nothing to earn it.. and they sell it to all. They basically lure you in to get someting from you and make you think you get a trinket so your happy. ...then they offer that item in the c-store later to suck more money out of us....its pretty shady and this guy has a right to be mad....he was used and its just crappy.