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09-23-2010, 05:47 PM
Originally Posted by J-Sheridan
This is just pathetic.

I have the Tribble of Borg AND Undine Tribble from testing and the ranting over it being requiring 'work' to get them is retarded.

That said, Cryptic are once again being shameful in their marketing practices.

'Hey, we should have been giving out the Nebula for you to buy but instead we decided to appease you by charging for TRIBBLES'

Honestly, what the **** ?

Charging for Tribbles is just pathetic money grabbing of the lowest order and at 120 points a pop thats beyond words. Rather than charge for them, how about just giving them out FREE or making them craftable ?

No, we will do some more wallet raiding because there are always some folks with far too much money and little sense.
At the very least you could have made the Rivera, Borg, Undine Tribble part of a pack and then charged for that pack.

Nevertheless, fools buy this crap and only encourage Cryptic to do more of this. Yet rather than complain about the blatant fact Cryptic are charging for a FREE item, people commend them for this action and complain about how its not fair Cryptic are dishing out these things after them being 'exclusive'

AMEN brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!