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I thought I would take this opportunity to throw this thread in because I just started playing STO after being away for several months, and it seems the game is getting better. I thought we should start thinking what we want Cryptic to add for STO anniversary (the Beta started in January I believe?) and start throwing ideas to Cryptic like we usually do but something a little more interesting.

- Android playable race or bridge officier
- More Voice Acting. There should be variety of voices by NPC's to create more of an atmosphere (Chase Masterson was a nice touch) or during phaser fight a bridge officier will yell " Watch your back Captain!" if an enemy outflanks you from behind.
- Add some Cut Scenes or Cinematics for certain or some missions.
- Throw in some dangerous Alien Monsters on those planets to encounter like a Mugato.

Well thats it for now! I'm sure someone can think of something better!