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09-24-2010, 09:55 AM
Great list! Here's my two cents:

More abbreviations to add:
RAF or RaF = Refer a Friend
CP = Cryptic Points
ToB = Tribble of Borg
MT or mt = Mistell / Mistyped

I noticed one typeo:
PvE - Player vs Envoroment (should be Environment)

Also, I heard PvE stood for Player vs. Enemy (though seeing Environment, I like this better). Anyone else hear this alternate? If not, don't worry about it... again, I like Environment better.

In your list of Tribble abbreviations you have:
Riv - Rivera

Perhaps next to it you could add it's alternate titles like:
Riv - Rivera ("Best Buy Tribble" / "Gold Tribble")

Tribbles to add:
Phot - Photonic ("RaF Tribble")

I am not in game at the moment, but will look up and add later (unless someone can find out now...) but you need to add the short letters for Tribble of Borg and Fluidic Tribble. And I think there's Cryo for the Cryo Tribble but I would like to verify that too.

And last, I have a question/request:
Is there an acronym for "I'm in combat, can't chat/reply right now, give me a moment."?