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09-24-2010, 11:58 AM
Nice ideas, but no.

Travelling from system to system would take years, lets say from Earth to Alpha Centauri, which I think is the nearest star (about 1lightyear away?), at full impulse, which equals 1/4 the speed of light (warp 1), it would take 4 years.

No, I say, lets get rid of the sector space completey, if you go to warp a window pops up with ALL destinations to choose, and you see your ship in warp or your int while the game loads (much like in Bridge Commander).

Maybe the game can calculate some nearby other players (maybe nor farer than 1LY) and show them on an zoomed in sector space map ("M"). Parhaps even the Destroy missions, where you then could choose to drop out of warp and engage or just pass by (really, I know of no Star Trek technology that is common that can get you out of warp). But some anomalies could disrupt the flight and a new one can load while were still seeing the ship at warp and a BO windos pops up and explains. NO more loading screens at all!

You just fly in sector space and have no ability to interact with others, so what do we need it for? And imagine how much space would be free on the servers when they only have to "park" you for some time and dont have to maintain instances of full sector spaces and the players within.

And quantum slipstream is Andromeda. Nice feature play-wise, but not too helpful and so not Star Trek.