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09-24-2010, 12:55 PM
Originally Posted by Sleeves
What the big deal? if you spent 30 sec log on you got for FREE. If you did not log on that just means you new player or not playing the game anyway. How hard was it to log on the test sever? Puting Limited edtion item in the C-Store is good idea. It rewards Active players that log in regluar. Something STO is in short supply of.
Jesus Christ

If you want to encourage people to play, how about making them WORK for that item via ingame methods ?
People want these tribbles, make the craftable using the tribble system - TADA you make all those 'ACTIVE PLAYERS' spend time trying to breed tribbles until they get one like the Cold Tribble.

Oh no, we have to satisfy the instant gratification crowd by offering it on the C-Store.

Its not Limited Edition if its available to buy to the public any more than the Connie. It WAS limited Edition if it REMAINED available only to those that got issued one for being on the Test Server. I dont care about having a limited piece of crap, I do however care about Cryptic CHARGING for it and the precedent they CONTINUE to set by doing so.

These things were offered as a reward to testers for participating in an event but because some folks whined like children Cryptic caved and now make them available to everyone.

Precedent 1: Once again Cryptic have demonstrated no ability to grow a ******n spine when enough people scream about wanting access to those 'items'

Precedent 2: Once again Cryptic have demonstrated that 'Limited Edition' items are only limited until Cryptic decides they can make a fast buck out of it.

Result: How long until we start seeing these weekly episode mission items on the C-Store because players whine they want them ?
One reward per episode, Five episodes in a series and we have at least three series coming.

15 items or more going to be slapped in the C-Store one by one and continuing until the C-Store ends up being a catalogue of inane crap.