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09-24-2010, 01:54 PM
Short Term:

1. Super customizable ships. Allow us to be able to use parts from previous tiers of ships and (if possible) allow us to place the parts anywhere on the ship.

2. A retrain token for racial traits.

3. Cruisers should be granted passive abilities that increase threat generated by a huge margin to allow proper "tanking"

4. More melee weapons

5. Revisit finished missions to acquire the "hidden" accolades.

6. Tweak the bonuses weapons give. i.e. Disruptor debuffs hull only, Tetryon debuffs shields only (same current affect that disruptor do, accept for shields). Anti protons having crit severity against hull

Long Term:

1. Fleets being able to create their own instances for fleet actions.

2. Allow the prime directive to become a more influential role. Currently i feel that it isn't even part of the game

3. A trip to the Continuum would be extremely cool (more missions with Q would be great too)

4. There should be no confrontation; only retaliation in sector space. Not just seek and destroy everything

5. More uses for GPL, holo-emitters should be permanent with a 24 hr cd.