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# 10 Nice interview BUT
09-24-2010, 06:08 PM
Like Scarface i have to be the bad guy here.sry

No talk about the STF's, really sad.
It becomes more an more clear to me and many players in my guild that there will be nothing to do at end game. And it has been this way sinse february. No talk about redoing the STF's for a larger player group fixing the bugs and taking out the grinding parts of them, thats making them last hours for some. Was some talk about stuff that will come next year, sry but i'm not gonna hang around gamma fighting the glitching Borg for another 6 month.

I like many will park this game on the shelf for a long time and will be playing The Old Republic
a game that will acording to BW devs have plenty of raids and end game content from start.
And maybe after a long time some of us will come back to check if fighting the Borg encounters in gamma
is still the only end game content there is in this MMO.Maybe a day will come when this gaming company
will actually care about group missions but that is not now and not in the next year to come as i see it.
Yes the new weekly missions are really good and fun but those are not really group missions but standard solo missions.

I wonder if the questions they give dstahl have to be aproved first by Cryptic.
dstah did give some very good idees about cool stuff to come and i'm sure it will be awesome but that is way in the future.Like he talked about boarding partys etc..Now i know it doesnt matter what i feel, i paid for lifetime so you alredy have my money.
All many of us want is group content that is fun and a challenge, and that is something we can not get in this game.Not even the fleet actions did you remove the lvl banding as we asked you to.And when you made a new fleet action it was no fun, strange borring and bugged and nobody do it. The best fleet action this game have is starbase 24 and Klingon scout force i think. Starbasse 24 is low lvl and scout force you cant even se the enemys in the end when fighting the carrier etc.

BTW: Did you just say the Borg missions we all love