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Thanks for the interview. I got to catch one with Stormshade, earlier, as well. It was also nice.

I like the idea that Gozer will return. I enjoyed the other work he was a part of. I enjoyed the STFs, but understand that it was a lot of work for a small portion of the audience, so they got put on a back burner.
Even though Dan mentioned in a post that STFs might just be for smaller groups, seeing as their release is a ways off into the future, I'm pretty confident that they will release them for soloers/smaller groups, as well as the original size & probably larger groups, as well. Many, if not most missions are already group-size scaled, so it just stands to reason that this will happen in that important content, as well.
I think it's been great seeing the content available for all users, and I appreciate that as a game, the levelling and new players can experience more activities, and involvement.
I like how Dan mentioned the past imperfect mission. This makes me believe that there might be the possibility, as the game progresses in its development, that efficient bridge officers might become more readily available, even if they are limited to 1 per captain. I also believe that it's nice to hear again that the c-store items might become available as earned items in-game. I also feel that someday they will release rarer BO skills, as captain-trainable. This game appears to be developing along those lines. I have already greatly enjoyed being a part of it, as it goes. It's a fun story.
Dan mentions content next year, with regard to klingon & fed interaction, and like many others, I believe that their war will someday come to an end, whether he says so or not I think this game has laid many of these things out in advance, and along the way, it's been a pleasure to participate in the story.
It's nice to see bug fixes being released whenever available
I posted a lot of thoughts, hopefully they are mostly coherent.
the discussion about fleet involvement is very nice, too. As well as persistent/zoned pvp - later on Very nice.
I'm sure that the other factions are already surely coming, too. Heh.

Thanks again for the interview.

edit: normally I wouldn't even point this out, but it was terrible how he put down a level 51 sci captain Maybe he's never run into one? :> They can be awesome. (and personally, on the ground, they are great, too. laugh).
2nd edit: Wow, just heard the part about the new contact system... a more global vision for the game is definitely sounding nice :>