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09-24-2010, 08:33 PM
Originally Posted by bfelczer View Post
I don't know about everyone, but I love the Borg missions. Do them everyday

We did not put in many questions that we have already gotten the answers to (like the STFs, he already talked about them in this thread) or have been discussed in the forums; we wanted to focus on the ones that would bring up new information.

Just read the other thread you referred to. I believe that was the answer I was looking for, the answer no one would give me directly, and your answer to me and everyone else who loved the STFs before your team broke them is "screw you, we don't care." Well, I don't have a lifetime membership so you don't have my money yet. And if this is how you really feel about the "small groups" then maybe this game is no longer for me. Dumb statement on your part. They worked before season 2. SWITCH THEM BACK. What, too simplistic an approach?
Ever heard that replacing a lost customer will cost you 10 times more than what it costs to keep one. Maybe if you took some of that limited resources that you're expending on the weak weekly missions and apply yourselves to addressing current issues you'd manage to keep your customer base.
Tell ya what Chief, I'm gonna give ya one more month. If the STFs aren't playable by then, I will be outta here.