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09-24-2010, 08:36 PM
1) When will we see Fleet Starbases?

2) When will we see an in-depth Memory Alpha Crafting system?

3) When will we see more varied loot suffixes? [Dmg] is pretty weak. I can think of many interesting Suffixes and will list one here.
Phaser Beam Array Mark XII [OVER] [SHPN] [ENRL]
[OVER] : (Overload) This Phaser Beam Array has a 1% chance PER [Over] modifier to proc. a Beam overload 1
[SHPN] : (Shield Penetrating) This Phaser beam Array has a 1% chance to outright ignore a target's shields, per modifier.
[RENE] : (Reduced Energy Consumption) This Phaser beam Array consumes 1 less weapon energy per cycle per modifier.

4) When will we get our marks of HONOR back?

5) When will you fix the loot tables? Some MK XII equipment aren't giving the right stats, it seems a little buggy atm.