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09-24-2010, 07:47 PM
Will we be seeing a system for VA's to promote their BO's to NPC captains? I would love to have them fly their own ships beside me in some missions with a greater scope than kill 5 groups of assorted Borg vessels. I think it would add some layers of customization if we have captains and ships assigned to our VAs. It would allow you to increase the scope and impact of our missions beyond simple engagements for one vessel.

I would love to see dailies that we could assign the captains under our command to. Their success or failure would depend on how well we choose the captain for the task. I am not asking for Paper Pusher Online, but I think there is a lot of room for interesting daily content leveraging our command rank and abilities.

We already have our BO's accompanying us on ground missions. It would be nice to have the Captains that would be under our VA's command accompany us in some space engagements.

Promoting one of our BO's to captain and taking them over as a PC has very little appeal to me. The amount of content from Captain to VA is light. It is also the content we would have most recently experienced. I am afraid this system might highlight some problems with the depth of the mission content.