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09-24-2010, 08:41 PM
Don't need you to take me through them. I 've been through them...many times and I know when I see something screwed up. I am also not discussing the possible, but the enjoyable. Infected is possible but less than enjoyable. The Cure is nuts at the four shield generators. TD is a cluster trying to get the consoles activated with the overwhelming swarm of Undine on the DS9 deck.
But, thanks for the offer. I'm sure it was not meant as patronizing like all of the non-response replies to my posts and bug reports. Your response was to deny my complaint, and that is all I have gotten from anyone on this. I have even asked if the official position was that the STFs are as they intend. Was I just all wet? But I am not the only one posting these observations. And as I said, I have been through the STF missions prior to season 2... WHEN. THEY. WORKED. PROPERLY. and have managed Infected after season 2 although the sprinting Borg made the mission a respawn fest.

Sorry, but I am fed up and ready to walk. This is my issue and downplaying it in this manner just riles me more. I've seen and played it when it was working and since these missions became my favorite part of the game, I don't intend to pay for broken. End of story.