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09-24-2010, 10:28 PM
Before I start moaning I think its great that Cryptic are being so open with us these days. It seems most weeks someone gives an interview somewhere to one of the fan sites or podcasts. Even better is that they usually have something new to say and that makes me feel there is a lot more future to the game than I thought there was 6 weeks ago.

BUT... I was deeply saddened to hear in this cast that part of the future planning for the game includes a reduction in the number of BOffs used in ground missions. Frankly I don't care how crap they are, or how much they push up the size of the enemy groups they really help with immersion. I feel like a commander of forces when I do ground combat rather than some renegade with a laser. I think turning the ground combat into a 'one man and his dog' situation will further alienate the sense that I am starship captain with a crew of hundreds.

I think many of the players would prefer to have more involvement with our BOffs and crew, not less. WHat is being suggested here is likely to lead to the very odd situation where the captain and one officer being the only active members of a ship's company... please don't do this!