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09-24-2010, 11:23 PM
Originally Posted by EvilMark443 View Post
any chance someone could post a transcript? I hate listening to interviews (except when they are on stoked), I'd rather just sit here and read it.
I like the idea of the transcript, but unfortunately Mark nor I have the time to do this The average 30 minute show takes up to 8 hours per week to produce (this includes recording, editing, getting the stories ready, hair and makeup (JK :p), etc) and this show was much longer than our normal 25-30 minute show. Since we just do this for fun on top of our own schooling and work, I would LOVE it if someone out there would want to transcript for us

As far as not wanting to listen to it, I can guarantee you will enjoy it Other than just the questions, Dan also discussed players' great ideas + we have a news and "blank of the week" segment. You don't get to see our handsome faces but you can always listen in the background while you play.