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09-24-2010, 11:41 PM
Mr. Worf, prepare a full barrage of question torpedoes:

1) What plans do you have to improve PvP content. New maps, new modes (Tournaments)?
2) How about some Accolades regarding PvP Success (not just participations) or maybe even mission rewards for winning, to motiviate people to not just do their Dailies AFKing.
3) What's going on with Marks of Honor? Will they be reenabled for VAs?
4) Any improvements or changes to the Emblem store? Some equipment seems subpar compared to the stuff that used to
be available at RA.
5) Are there still any plans to revise Bridge Officer Console Layouts for all (end-game) ships?
6) Any plans to revise Science Vessels "ship budget" so that potential gets closer to that of other ship classes? (There is enough stuff on the forums that I won't repeat all the suggestions)
7) At what point will we get to see some screenshots or videos on the UGC tools? Will the UGC tools allow using different maps for a mission, like the regular storyline episodes?
8) Any plans for new non-canon designs in ships?
9) Will we get some new Klingon uniforms. I noticed that the typical Klingon Female uniform from TNG still doesn't exist in the game... (you might need to copy and paste the link as ex-atrix seems to think of this as "hotlinking".)
10) Can you set apart a little time after all those KDF ships and customization options to have CapnLogan or someone else there to redesign the Jupiter to make it actually somewhat aesthetical pleasin
11) Any plans to improve mission dialogs so it feels more like _I_ am in charge and actually have a clue what I am doing? E.g. I actualyl suggest some stuff instead of the BOs.
12) Are you considering some general UI redesign ideas. Pop-Up dialogs are pretty annoying, the power tray could have more options and more columns by default, the mini-map menu is a little uncomofrtable and hard to read, PvP-Queues require opening up the submenu, and stuff like that.