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09-25-2010, 02:42 AM
1: slightly technical. is there any way to reset the settings that are saved to my account? I just reinstalled my computer and the game, yet everything is exactly as it was before the reinstall. which means a few bugs that I have in the game, but my friends do not, stuck around.

2: will we ever get Passive BO abilities? I got 29 abilities, and you added 8 more with the Excelsior. but I can have a max of 30 abilities on my actionbars? doing away with some of the activated abilities and letting us choose passive ones would help in that regard. (just as an example, teach a BO how to make the front shield facing stronger by taking away power from the other facings... this topic has more ideas).

3 (related to 2): if not, will we ever be able to add More actionbars? or the ability to undock one or more bars and move them around? (OR you could give us the ability to link keys to BO abilities off the bat, so we don't have to add them to the actionbars).

5: will we be able to sort Bridge Officers soon?
They're not sorted in the order in which they joined my crew.
They're not sorted in alphabethical order.
They're not sorted by class (Eng, Sci, Tac)
They're not sorted in Away Team or Bridge Officer order.
And they're not sorted by ranks
preferable if you let us chose the way ourselves.

6: will you EVER let us get rid of Badgy?

all these questions have been asked before... and they will be asked again ;-)