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09-25-2010, 02:46 AM
1 Will you create a feedback forum for Fleet issues and start gathering all those feedbacks from the different threads in to that new forum so we can get some light shined on our problems?

2 Will you enable larger player groups for Fleets to form to play Fleet Actions like the Big Dig or Crystalline Entity or epic space battles?

3 Will you make it possible for Teams to stay together when entering the same instance in a Fleet Action?

4 Many Fleets feel that the current limit on the Fleet ranks set to 7 is too low. Will you make more Fleet ranks available for Fleets to use (the double would be a good number of ranks)?

5 Will you make it possible to assign rank pins to Fleet Ranks and use Fleet Rank names as player Titles so someone that is in the Fleet as a Vice Admiral but is only a Captain in the game, can when wearing the Fleet Uniform (only) use the Fleet Rank pin and title?

6 Will you make the Fleet Permission system more customizable allowing for two independent permission systems, one where each rank permissions are independent to each other and the other the hierarchy system you're using now (should be selectable in fleet settings)?

7 Will you work on the Fleet Event interface so it gets an option to advertise the events like the MOTD with timed intervals and a Event Start Soon message a short time before it starts to remind the players about it?

8 Will you please make a small graphic (a small LED light thing) next to the mini-map, that is OFF (gray) when there are no Fleet Events (at all) scheduled, Flashing (red) when there is a new Fleet Event that you haven't RSVP:ed to, Solid (green) when you have RSVP:ed, Flashing (yellow) when a Fleet Event you've RSVP:ed Yes/Maybe to has started (until the event ends)?

9 Will you change the Fleet Uniform system to allow for using uniforms/parts that has to be unlocked (by in game actions or C-Store)?

10 Will you make it possible to buy things available in the C-Store (also with in game currency (GPL/EC)) as gifts to other players (i.e. a gift card for the MU uniform)?

11 Will you ever fix the problem with the Fleet Banks registering withdrawals for items being moved from one slot to an other in the bank?

12 Will you enable us to buy more then 8 bank tabs?

13 Will yo make the Fleet Bank Log exportable to a spread sheet or enable us to select the text generated there and copy and paste it in to other files ourselves?

14 Will you enable the function to drag an item from a slot in one bank tab and drop it on to on other bank tab and thus moving the item to that bank tab as you have in Champions?

15 Will players get to buy bank tabs for their own accounts like we can in Champions?

16 As it is today, you can limit the players to one withdrawal/per tab which means 8 items per day which is a lot of items. Will you add a second withdrawal limit system that regulates how many withdrawals you can make from the entire bank, not per bank tab as it is now? Preferably with a check box so it is possible to combine the two systems (tab 1 to 7 have a check for being included in the combined limit but tab 8 is separate and has a different limit then the rest of the bank).

17 Will you add a feature to sell items directly from the Fleet Bank (and add a permission to be set for that) so we can clean out items we don't want faster, or give us an extra inventory while on stations where we can move a lot of items with it (like an Antigrav unit) sort of like an over flow bag but only works on stations?

18 Will you change the length of the MOTD back to what it was before?

19 Will you increase the length of the Fleet Mails to the same length as regular mails?

20 Will you make it so that when Fleet Badge/Emblems are updated, they get updated on all the Fleet Member uniforms and ships?

21 Will you fix the problem with the images in the Fleet Badge/Emblem tool not being centered so they are now covered by the badge border? Or you could make the Scaling slider and Positioning slider (from the second layer) available for the first layer.

22 Will you make it possible to edit the background badge colors as well (only white and black now)?

23 Will you make it possible for 3 or more color channels for the image layers?

24 Will you add a third layer of images to the Fleet Badge/Emblems tool?

25 Will you add lower case Greek letters to the image list?

26 Will you include more Greek letters (both lower case and upper case ones)?

27 Will you make it possible to have more then one Fleet Badge/Emblems per fleet, so we can have sub-divisions/task forces/PvP squadrons with their own color, or a Roman number?

28 When will we see the new hair technology so we can get hair for species with detailed foreheads, other hair options that are not dreads for Klingons, Caitian hair options?

29 Will you make it possible for Andorians to use all version of the antennae available for the Aliens?

30 Will you match the body skin on Tellarite females to their skin on their faces?

31 Will you fix to the Trill Host spots available for Aliens are the same as used for the Trills, so they go all the way down?

32 Will you fix the gap in the spots on Trills between the head and body?

33 When the Aenar is released, will you make their skin tone eggshell white (because now when you click white for Aliens' skin colors, they are pale pink and that is not the skin color of Aenars) and will that also make it possible to have that exact shade of perfect white without pink as Alien skin?

34 Will you fix the problem with getting stuck in the firing animation?

35 Will you return the turn rate for Sector Space (only), as now the radius is ridiculous and has no function other then causing annoyance?

36 Will you make the nacelles from the Galaxy variants available for the Galaxy-X?

37 Will you make nacelles that are of the same size workable for any ship class using them, as many ships have same sized nacelles it would create more variety?

38 Will you make it possible to recolor the deflector dish glows and nacelle glows to any color (USS Phlox had purple Dominion glowing nacelles yesterday)?

39 Will you make the Bridge Officer able to wear off-duty clothes?

40 Will you make Bridge Officers able to use Kits?

41 Will you make it possible to edit the Khitomer Accord Borg like the Liberated Borg Bridge Officer?

42 If not, will you make a male version of the Liberated Borg Bridge Officer?

43 Will you make the Holographic Bridge Officer possible to edit (with all the superficial options of all the species available)?

44 Will you make a Female version of the Holographic Bridge Officer or make it possible to change the gender of the one you already have?

45 Will you make it possible to trade/mail used Bridge Officers?

46 Will you make Dress Uniform slots for all players and Bridge Officers?

47 Will you make the Diplomatic uniform have more areas you can recolor (getting rid of all that white and gold)?

48 Will we see TNG/DS9 Dress Uniforms soon?

49 Will we see Nemesis Dress Uniforms soon?

50 Will we see TOS/Movie Dress Uniforms soon?