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09-25-2010, 05:05 AM
1. The star cluster npc race, whether skinned as Phanoian, Starlian, Crimto, Vito'D etc etc etc etc etc who all use the same ships, the same space tactics and the same ground tactics, are there any plans to make changes? Preferably I'd just like to see them removed and replaced by the major factions. Getting these copycat guys on a star cluster mission is always a disappointment and very boring.

2. The star cluster battleships are currently the easiest enemies to destroy, any plans to toughen them up?

3. Any chance of NPCs/BOs addressing you by the rank you have set as a title rather than your level rank?

4. Any timescale for getting the NPC & BO voice work back into the game, just a generic greeting on dailogue start would be a major step forward??

5. Fleet actions, any chance for a game system that tells you how many people are currently undertaking a fleet action, there is nothing more annoying then travelling all the way to one just to find out you are the only person there.