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09-25-2010, 09:07 AM
I hope they do not downsize the away teams for all missions, but have some reason for it. eg.. beaming down to the planet, interference only allowed x amount of boffs to beam in. then you would have to change play style slightly. or one of more of your boffs have beamed into different locations, regroup with them.

Can we get the different energy types for the deployable Mines, Turrets, Drones and Bombs etc? Also the bomb is more of a stun device than a bomb. Would like to see the ability to target a location and beam it in. E.g. beam in atop a node then blow it up. Why don't combat engineers have detpacks? Will Engineers have Energy Modulation skill for ground combat, shield penatration for weapons?

Have not tried a fully skilled up combat engineer build with the bomb, mines and orbital strike.

Customization of Weapons
I would like to see, a Ferengi arms dealer where you could reskin your gear. Tired of the Fed phaser look, for some latinum make it look like a Cardassian weapon.