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09-25-2010, 09:54 AM
Because that's what you want...if you can't have a Nebula class starship you automatically want a borgified or infected tribble...Cryptic instead of pulling a 'smoke and mirrors' routine - (You, the consumer) "Hey, where's the Nebula? It's supposed to be in-game by now" (Cryptic) "INTRODUCING THE NEW AND REALLY AWESOME BORG AND UNDINE TRIBBLES! YAAAAAAAY! WOOOOOOT!" - how about a post both on the forum and in game explaining as to why there has been a delay.

If your stocks dropped, I'm sure you wouldn't waste time telling your investors the reason why. We, the consumer - who gives you money in return for endless hours of sci fi fun - are like investors. When things are delayed, we have a right to know the reason why it is so. So get a Cryptic PR guy in to earn his money for the day by posting an official response as to the reason behind the "can't produce the goods" Nebula class.
Dude, honestly, use a little common sense. The tribbles were done and without errors and so were released. The Nebula has problems that still need fixing and has been held back. I get you're upset because you wanted your Nebula but did you want it broken and unusable?

Simply check out the Dev Tracker. Dstahl's made a couple of different posts about it.