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09-25-2010, 03:29 PM
Wow! $26 for the shuttle? More than the Galaxy X?

I have a Del Taco across the street. Each cup with code was about $2.. And was filled with Coke to boot! Too bad the promo is not going any more.. I would have gotten you a cup for free (I sent out around 15 codes free to others when the promo was on).

I have asked a couple times that they put it in the C-Store for $1 but so far Cryptic has not.

Well, I hope it is worth it.. The shuttle takes up a device slot, disappears in combat (and must be manually re-activated), and only follows you around in "normal" space.

But at least now you get to be one of the super-rare ultra-cool mega-elite people who have a Type 8 shuttle pet (like me).