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Letter of Appreciation
The KDF Faction as a whole would like to let you know that we appreciate all the hard work Cryptic Studio's is doing to improve the game.We appreciate that you have listened to all of the Klingon player's feed back whether it be opinionated or even idea's that could be put in the Future.The KDF Alliance High Council would like to show appreciation to all the developers of Cryptic Studio's that have listened to all the idea's that have been sent into the short term, mid term,and long term thread that has been sponsored by Black Legion Knights and the KDF Alliance High Council. We appreciate that you have implemented 80% of the idea's from the KDF Alliance High Council for the most part for Season 2.0. We appreciate for all the content that has been put in for the cross faction episodes and the new graghics has made a hit for most of the players in the game.

The Klingon faction ( community ) appreciates that the state of the game address from Daniel Stahl letting us know what is in store for the KDF faction in the next coming season and updates of Star Trek Online.
We like the direction that Daniel Stahl has laid out in his state of the game address as each of those bulletted in his address is well appreciated from the KDF Alliance High Council and Black Legion Knights. Since those idea's and feed back has been sent into Cryptic Studio's to help better the game play for Klingon player in the KDF Faction. And to help bring the Klingon Faction up to par with the Federation content. As a token of appreciation to the developers the KDF Alliance High Council is doing weekly PVP fight night on Wednesday to boost Klingon verse Klingon ( House verses House ) among the fleets in the Klingon Empire.

The Black Legion Knights in conjunction with Lucky 7th fleet has started a PVP match between both factions to simulate war between the two faction. Both fleets would like and hope this will jump start the PVP in the game to get other fleets in the Star Trek Online to get involved in a scheduled PVP matches between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets. Thus as season 3.0 will consist of more PVE content and hopefully new PVP maps for ground and space. In doing this we appreciate all the developer's for their hard work and long hours of thought and concepts to bring into the game.And the dedication it takes to make the game as a whole the first Massive Multiple player Online game that lets the player's help the developer's brain storm for the content to come in the future in Star Trek Online. The potential for Star Trek Online has just scratched the surface to what this game will have for content for both factions.

Again the KDF Alliance High Council representing the Klingon community would like to thank Cryptic Studio's for taking our idea's and our positive feed back and turning them into content for the Klingon Empire. The members of the KDF Alliance High Council appreciate the development teams that are involved in making the Star Trek Online a game that a gamer will love to play knowing that there is always potential to improve the game play.


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