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09-26-2010, 02:17 AM
Seems to work. After the 15mins you will see the ambassador standing next to the Admiral but you don't get a contact with him.

I switched to my other toon who wasn't Fed Ambassador and was able to contact the ambassador. I don't think other people know they are there and can get the tokens/consumables so its kind of pointless if there isn't an annoucement?

Also, the ambassador seems to go after 30 mins.

You can't switch instances and vote again but a diff instance might have a diff ambassador appear if someone else voted there.

Didn't remember it costing anything it was just like a reward screen where you choose one of 3 items. Miy options were a minor regenerator, minor component and a transwarp token.

Urr'ahn doesn't give anything. Can't remember which one did the first time I did it.

Ammendment. May ber there is a cooldown so u cant get stuff more than once a day from an ambassador?

M''urquinn didn't work for me today. Is it just the one ambassador who works or is it very random? Weird my other toon only got a talk menu but someone in my fleet was able to get the consumables. How does this work devs???