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09-26-2010, 11:07 PM
Originally Posted by Tiberion1701

Some of you might have followed my Wishlist thread where we gathered a bunch of "Canon" ships we'd like to see in STO (Canon defined as appearing in a sanctioned Star Trek product or publication, from shows to calendars, and as such are possible to be licensed for use in the game. Not "Strict-canon")

Well, there were a good number of responses and the additions have slowed down, so I have edited up a 4 question survey to see what additions are the most popular.

This thread IS NOT a place to argue about whether these ships OR ANY SHIPS should be added at all. Make your own thread for that.

Some points:

I chose the 5 entries in each category based on my own personal judgement.
I intentionally didn't add a "None" option. pick the one you hate least if you do not like any of them.
This is not at ALL official or endorsed. Its just for curiosities sake.

You cannot see the results after you vote as its a survey. I will publish the results here and update thhem every so often, once we get a good amount of responses.

Click Here to Review the Ships Wishlist - Do so BEFORE you vote, no pictures on the poll.

Click Here to Take the Survey
- Please answer all four questions.
I voted on here!