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09-27-2010, 05:18 AM
I have to agree with Edgecase; Cryptic have gotten pretty damned good under DStahl at communicating what they are and aren't working on for the game at any given time. If it's not listed in the Engineering Reports, then it's not coming any time soon.

Sure they probably have it on the horizon and would like to implement tournament functionality in-game; but like with a lot of things at the moment, that's just a good idea and intention. Other things are no doubt taking priority, like spamming new Fed cruisers on to C-Store.

In the absence of any actual Engineering Report confirmation that it's currently receiving real development time and resources, we have to assume that it's a long, long way off if it ever happens at all.

Until then, player run tournaments are all we have, so I would encourage those such as Knights Templar and Nemo to keep up the good work.