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09-27-2010, 12:15 PM
Originally Posted by CaptainMerzan
Well firstly no your video card isnt up to suff cause it doent bother mine any nor slows me down, and i have a decent card but not all that great, so yours must be junk or your running or downloading doing something else to slow it down, second why should they take it out because of a few people complaining most people like it, also check your video settings your prob got your settings to high, lower your settings closer to speed and you prob wont have any problems, see i may disagree with you but i also offer you a salution
Junk? LOL I have my settings where I want them and I do not experience lag in ANY OTHER CASE in sto. I PVP with lots of stuff in space going on no stutter. So no I am not going to lower my settings to appease a bunch of kids with no sense of right and wrong.

You may disagree with me but your passive aggressive angle is not missed.