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09-27-2010, 04:15 PM
Heyo, I couldn't reproduce the issue in Cold Storage, and I checked a couple of the tickets you sent in for the Star Cluster maps that were affected.

Star Cluster maps
Yeah, something seemed to get reverted in one of them that I tested, though the other seemed to work fine when I tested it. Both were in space, one was KLG vs. FED, one was KLG vs. Borg). I'll see what we can do but it'd require a wider fix-up, so I can't promise anything soon.

Cold Storage
I couldn't reproduce this solo (KLG side). There was one situation where I could definitely see it happening - When approaching the monument, there is a pop-up dialog, and I could imagine you getting engaged by the nearby patrol while that was up. However, in the cases where Breen beam in after a contact dialog, they wait for you to hit the Continue button before they beam in.

If you are on a team, this is much more likely to happen (since it'd read the first Continue button click and spawn them in). Unfortunately, we have no good solutions for this at the moment.

If you have a specific case where they spawned in while a dialog was popped up, give me a shout and I'll try to glance at it again.