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09-27-2010, 07:17 PM
The first time I got hit by one,I went wtf and laughed.
After getting hit for 4th time in as many minutes by the same player,it wasn't so funny anymore.
I didn't say anything in chat or to the player and after about 10 minutes they finally got bored,however a newly beamed in player decided it would be fun and started their own iceblock campaign in the space dock,then another after him/her/cat.
For the whole time I was in ESD,I was either getting iceblocked or witnessing other players around me getting iceblocked.
Now I've thrown the odd snowball at players in WoW,so I can see the appeal this device has.

In my opinion, the problem with fun type items used in this game is this:

(1) There are players who Role Play.
(2) There are players who don't Role Play,but still want their gaming experience to "feel" like a Star Trek experiance.
(3) There are players who are just playing a video game.
They all converge at Earth Space Dock.

When (1) and (2) get hit by one of these toys it can seriously dampen there immersion and gaming experience.Quite literally in the current case
Its bad enough that (1) and (2) have to see cats running around in fluorescent pink and lime green starfleet uniforms.
When that cat then starts "icebombing" them too....well everybody has their breaking point

Even if the person doing it was just having fun and not being malicious,it would still impact some players negatively.
The reality is that most players,even those in group 1 and 2,really don't mind the odd prank.
When it gets overused ,however, it becomes an annoyance,sometimes to the point where it then becomes an issue.
When it becomes an issue the devs are left with little choice,so they either pull it,or nerf it to the point where it does'nt become fun for anybody to use.

I believe the devs put this item in the game for players ,who like to have a bit of fun with their friends,and on good faith that players would'nt abuse it.
It is up to the playerbase to show some responsibility and maturity when we get cool new toys and tricks otherwise we just won't get them.
The self destruct option was a great "immersion" tool,until it got gamed.Now there is little point in pressing it as 8/10 times you will be dead before you can hit it.That is the fault of the playerbase ,not the devs.

So fellow players please have fun,but play responsibly and we may just get some really cool toys to play with.