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09-27-2010, 10:21 PM
Originally Posted by Treagersama View Post

Because honestly, Catgirls running around in neon pink/yellow halfy shirts/micromini skirts is as FAR from any StarTrek immersion experience as you can get... at least until you add a lightsaber/dragon to spacedock. LOL All I am saying is grin and bear it... or do it somewhere you won't be bothered. Save your Immersion experience for a nonpublic arena.
That was funny.
If they add a lightsaber,they gotta add a Star Destroyer too

I don't roleplay in games and never have, although I have yet to meet a RP'er intent on having his fun at my expense.
Immersion is not an experiance exclusive to role play.It is neccessary to have it in varying degrees in most games.
I agree with you that there is ample places in the game where a player can get the star trek feel.
Earth Space Dock does not have to be one of them.

However,because this is an online game,ESD is one of the major convergence points for ALL types of the playerbase.

So if its fine for players, who want the star trek feel, to leave immersion on their ship,and Role Players to accept being called dude instead of captain,then surely its not too much for them to expect not to be an ice cube or a fire that needs put out every 3 seconds?

Surely its not too much for ANY type player to expect to be treated with a reasonable degree of decency by their fellow players, provided they do the same.

I know that most players are just having a little bit of fun with these,and this is not a problem in itself for most players.
The problem is that quite a few players just constantly spam the things,and when asked to stop ,redouble their efforts.This was especially notable earlier in the week.
This has practically killed the fun factor of this item,to the point where anybody using it now,first time or otherwise, is labeled a moron, regardless.
I'm sure that was not the original intended effect this item was supposed to have.

I understand that you are fed up of people whining and I agree, there is far too much of it.
My main point was that it was up to the playerbase to act more responsibly towards each other when they get new toys, otherwise we just won't be getting them.

I believe( and it might just be me who does) that public areas in games are where players should really be behaving their best not their worst.