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09-28-2010, 01:31 AM
Ok I agree in theory with not posting names, but if the log shows definite "nastiness" ie take a ton of stuff and credits and then immediately quit the Fleet that right there needs to be addressed.
My Fleet has been at a standstill since our Fleet leaders appear to have decided not to play anymore. As the next rank down I have been "in charge". However due to the permissions set up by the leaders that we cant demote or promote up to our own rank when a same ranked member decided to be a "robber" we couldnt stop him. Also we cant do much other than "say " we are in charge. Is there a way to petition somehow to turn the Fleet over to an active member? I dont wanna steal the Fleet -- in practice it's already mine -- but I just wanna be able to actually run it till the leaders come back. No kicking anyone or demoting or anything -- just wanna like access the Fleet email lol. As far as what was taken oh well I just wanna have the ability to change the permissions so it doesnt happen again. Also starting a new Fleet isnt what I want either our bank is fully tabbed and I'd really like to keep that and the Fleet intact. Any ideas sugestions other than just totally giving up?