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09-28-2010, 12:36 AM
Originally Posted by Capt.Sisko View Post
soooooo what your saying is your ****ed you spent all that money on the game (lifetime sub etc etc) and now they are asking you to spend more money..........hmmmmm its not like they are a business or anything and they need to keep the money flowing i dont blame them .........let me put it another way .....hell will freeze over first before the c store disappears hell its more likely the game would become free to play with a c store first............................................T issue?
your period button is stuck, i suggest fixing it.

back on topic, yes cryptic is a business, but you EITHER have a item store and NO sub or you HAVE sub and no item store. you do not do both, as evidently ppl will run far FAR away from games that can't make up their mind.

at the moment all they do is looking greedy trying to scam as much money out of us as possible for "features" that we SHOULD have free to begin with because we pay a subscription fee. its not like this game has to much stuff so they actually can get away with it. Blizzard probably could with WoW if they wanted to, a unfinished game like this can not.

yes i know they will make "some" of it available through normal gameplay, but they will most likely keep the most desirable items as a C-store exclusive, and only have the stuff almost no one buy free.

now, they might not have a CHOICE but to keep the c-store as so many have abandoned the game partly because of it, but on the other hand it sure wont help them financially.

i wish they would at least handle the C-store in this game the same way they do on CO, there they just add avatar costumes every once in a while, in this game they mostly seem to want to make up for the dwindling subscriber income with it, and that just won't work.

i read their "excuse" for adding all that stuff on the C-store, but the problem is that they do not have a dedicated team for it, they use devs i'm already paying with my subscription, so technically i'm paying for it twice (or more depending on the cost) if i decide to buy something.

and THAT is what angers me the most.