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09-28-2010, 07:37 AM
Originally Posted by Harryhausen
Wow, teralkaar, you are a prime example of how personal attacks on players by other players if they critique Cryptic is allowed to go on unreported and unmodded.

You guys may disagree with the OPs views, but he did not directly, or personally attack ANY of you. He critiques Cryptic, a COMPANY. He only made GENERALIZED comment about certain player attitudes. NOT about certain players! Maybe his choice of words tended toward the emotional, but he was refering to his custtomer/company relationship. He has every right to do that as a paying customer.

I do not, and will not, ever understand why some of you must belittle and attack anyone that has anything negative to say about a BUSINESS. I do not, and will never understand why the mods allow it to go on all over these boards.
Ok so how do you call a guy like popa that buy a game spending 49 $ for the box + 248$ for the life time abonement. And tht since the release of STO does nothing than say how much he dislike Cryptic and STO ?

If you read the overall messages sent by Popa in this forum. it's always a negative way with never a single concrete propositon. This attitude i don't find it mature and at the level of an educated man of around 60 years old like he pretend to be.

The words i used are decent in my opinion Popa deserves worst qualifiers.

You see the difference betwin you and me Harryhausen is that before trying to comment about someone i try to see what is the overall opinion and attitude of this someone. Wich isn't your case Harryhausen.

And i'm sorry the words i used where polite if they weren't i would have been moderated like anyone.

You can note too that Popa starts a conversation to not reply to it. What is the meaning of exposing an opinion and not debating on it ? You think because it's Popa that cryptic will suddently listen to his remarks ?

I recommand to you to read the kind of remarks that Popa does Like in the " Turn rate and Inertia" topic.

Harryhausen the truth is Popa is disgusted to have spent so much monney in a game he doesn't like so he started a personal vendetta against Cryptic. Nothing in STO and nothing that can do Cryptic is enought for him.

Harryhausen finally you attack my remarks about popa's attitud but there is no comment from you about my comments of what Popa said...

Last point if you The.Restless.Kaiser and Harryhausen dislike this game so much why do you pay for it ?

I mean i don't understand you attitud .. . Look i don't like Final Fantasy XIV I don't play it that's simple you see...

I find STO a game with alot more content and alot more fun than many others. You all claim to have played zillions MMORPG and have encyclopedical knowledge overall this topics. But the raw ground truth is that you play this Game every day and you pay this game every month.

Sure alot of things are not polished but you have to be fair and notice too alot of work is put in this game by Cryptic who could have just release their games and let it be like many many other studios does with their never evolving MMMORPG.

Crytic try nw things like Featured Episodes. Which have never been seen in any MMORPG.

That's not because you played 10 MMORPG F2P that you can talk about quality of a MMORPG the standard you experienced is already critically low. 99% of MMo's are heroic fantasy oriented. And they all more or less are the same ... Can you serriously compare those games with STO?

Now my recommandation for you for Popa and for any other guy saying "i dislike this game" is to comme every time they notice something they don't like to think about it serriously then comme with real solutions and proposals. This doesn't means you are right on every suggestion you do this doesn't means that Cryptic will listen to you anyway. Do you think Ford listen to his customers when he does a new car?
No ford propose a new car see if it sells or not if it does this new model is enhanced polished raffined. If it doesn't sell the car model/design is dropped the faster possible to not make the cost of this model of car worst than it is already... That how the world goes guys you can whine and cry all you want this is reallity!!!

If cryptic and STO didn't closed so far that's because you guys spend your monney in it. This doesn't give you the right, i think, to insult cryptic and spread a negative opinion on every aspect of this game.

So to be short we understoud you disliked it so why you don't go pay to a game you like ?

Or is it that the only thing interresting you is flamming and insulting others and never being nothing more than a Troll (sorry troll isn't an insult that' the commonly accepted qualifier for people having an irresonated negative attitude about everything just in the goal to start fights on forums ) ?

One thing i learnt from the Featured Episodes is that every saturday from 11 AM PDT to 15 PM PDT orellius server was constantly full with more than 500 people ( an episdoes doesn't takes 4 horus to fullfill so having so much people constantly means more than 500 people participated). There is alot of clients of STO and i don't see them vadalizing this forum. Only a very very few amount of people are doing this but as the other ones prefer playing to the game than fighting on a forum with those vandals then the vandals apears to be a large number. But what represents 50 vandals from a 10 000 + people community ?