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09-28-2010, 09:00 AM
Originally Posted by StormShade
While very true that we can't control what you put up in your own websites and forums, again, I want to stress that this kind of thing has a lasting effect on the people's whose names are put on that list, and if it's not verified, and double checked somehow, it's entirely possible that someone whose name doesn't belong on that list could end up there.

That's good for no one.


I agree with StormShade a legal professional, I can only imagine the lawsuits for defamation if people in real life arbitrarily posted peoples names on lists accusing them of unproven offences. The potential damage to the community as a whole is far greater than the benefit it would bring to fleets.

The fleet I am a part of has been around for over 2 years (formed when STO was first announced) and we have over 400 members...we have not had a single incident of fleet bank theft.

My advice to fleets...figure out a reasonable and controlled method of fleet bank deposits and withdrawls. If you are being robbed because you are giving access to people whom you obviously don't know at all, it is your own fault, not Cryptics. Do some business analysis and create new banking procedures. It is as simple as that.