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09-29-2010, 03:16 PM
Thank you Cryptic_Gozer for the option to hear the community thoughts on this STF.

Most of the people in the same fleet as me do not even do runs anymore, most of us will not even attempt Terradome anymore due to the amount of time you invest for no return.

My list of changes you could look at are listed below.
  1. For me the hardest part is the end boss. Not every group is going to have 3 Tactical, 1 Science and 1 Engineer to take the boss down due to his heal rate.
  2. The mission should be completable by any mix of groups made up
  3. The grind can be halved, its just to long and with to much of the same play - if the grind is not going to change make it count towards meaningful bonuses - like weapons, or player kit items.
  4. The final mob of spawns could be halved
  5. The mission length to take no longer than about 2 hours to complete no one wants to waste 4 or 5 hours+ in their personal life to not receive anything in return, and I am appalled that Cryptic thinks this is acceptable

Overall these missions should be like the weekly missions - a diversion that doesn't leave you frustrated that you did not complete it.