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09-29-2010, 04:23 PM
Well I haven't run this in a couple months and my memory is a bit rusty but I think I can remember enough

So the main problems were:
1. Way to many Undine, especially in the lower rooms of the actual Terradome.
2. Protect the Engineers took too long and was a little to hard.
3. The battle with the Terradome Commander and Sulus is bugged.

Now expanding on a couple of them.
1. Pretty self explanatory. It just felt like waves upon waves of Undine attacking you making it take like 20 minutes to clear a room.
2. It wouldn't have taken so long if you didn't have to redo the scanning Feds part, but then if you didn't have to there would be no punishment for failing. Also the engineers took way to long to hack the stations. The first group of Undine that spawn after you talk to the Chief after scanning the Feds is way to large and for some reason they all die after like 10 seconds. This part took me so long to get past until we were able to figure out a pretty good strategy of having 2 guys on one half of the Promenade and the other 2 on the other half while the 5th guy talks to the Chief. The 2 guys then split up and run around the Promenade until they find the 3 consoles which the Undine attack and protect those.
3. The boss battle. Ugh. I'm pretty sure I know how its suppose to work and it doesn't work that way. What we had to end up doing was to destroy all the power nodes (no idea if that has any effect) then find the Terradome Commander and bring him down to 50% hull. Once hes there and the consoles on the sides of the pits activate then you all pop a large power cell and all your +dmg abilities and kill him in the 30 seconds or whatever you have before the death wave comes. You then have to find and protect the real Sulu while the 9,000 Undine spawn from the ceiling. I have no idea what happened then because I died after like 20 seconds of that happening (me being a tac and all). Somehow my teammates were able to keep Sulu alive until all 9,000 Undine died.

Like I said I'm a little rusty but I hope you'll be able to run the mission and see what I'm talking about. Hope this helps Gozer.