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09-29-2010, 07:13 PM
Originally Posted by mtattersall View Post
Fixed. Should show up on Tribble in the next patch or two.


Oooooh, much loooove! ^.^

Think I can sneak a "Akira class does not have a retrofit variant" in? :3


D'oh! I forgot to mention the aft shuttlebays and forward observation windows. >.< Let me see if I can't find some detail shots.


For now, here are some of the art shots of the Akira. From artwork to actual design, these images barely changed: Forward observation windows; possible they were originally intended to be launch tubes for fighters as the Akira was originally intended to be a carrier. Aft shuttle bays

Above taken from: (Numbered shuttlebays evident) (Forward observation windows evident) (Dorsal and ventral torpedo tubes evident on dorsal weapon nacelle)

I'll add those to the first page a little later on after I make some room.