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09-29-2010, 06:51 PM
Well, thank you for collecting Feedback on this one. Months ago I had a group of people with whom I did Infected and The Cure or Khitomer Accord every evening. For several weeks. The challenge was basically to find the most efficient ways through the STFs. And it was fun. Terrordome changed all that. I was not able to complete it at least once. After half a dozen tries I simply gave up on this one. The problem: The before mentioned bug that the Sulu's became invulnerable. This one needs to be fixed.

But you wanted to hear some stuff we liked about Terrordome. Well, I can't find much, hence the name Terrordome. Khitomer Accord is so far my favorite STF, but Terrordome has some nice ideas. The coin flipping stuff is interesting, the room where you could be stealthy and evade all the critters by going through the "forrest" on the right was a clever idea and the final chamber was also at least interesting thought out. But as others have already mentioned horribly executed.