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09-29-2010, 08:32 PM
Space Part: The Battleships focus firing Gravity Well, creating a literal black hole, in which no player survives.

I suggested in the past that the Undine Fleet needs to be spread apart, perhaps surrounding the players when the trap is released. Perhaps adding a twist like Extend Shields emitting from the Terrordrome itself.

Search for Engineers: Many have commented that the coin flip needs to occur more often.

Engineer Protection: Well explained by others in this thread. I personally liked how it was easy when you found all Engineers without Undine spawning.

Part 4 - the Terrordrome: Inspite numbers being reduced, I still find the Undine parts zergy, where they just charge you en mass.

The destructable items after you meet the quota become just worthless clutter (especially in the Commander's room), so it would be great if they actually served a purpose than something that you just destroy for no apparent reason.

Part 5 - The Boss's Room: Of all the bugs in Terrordrome, this is it.

The major case is with Sulu in keeping him alive. If he falls in the pit, its very difficult to get him out. And a sure loss when he runs up to the Commander before you snapped him out of it.

Then when all Fakes are dead, you got the zerg rush of Undine that's so much of a pain. And apparently there is so many of them, they become bugged and freeze into place and become easy kills.

The worthless destructable objects that serve no purpose.

And of course the bugged respawn. (Not sure if that was fixed).

In all honesty, I felt the Commander should come at the end, not the beginning. You find the real Sulu, deal with the fakes, then have a mangable ammount of Undine show up. Then the Boss shows up.