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09-29-2010, 11:52 PM
Well i really liked the engenierpart. Cool Idea and it was fun to find out how to solve this. Yes the engeneers could flip the coin more often that's true.

Now the part i really HATE: The boss fight.

Well i like the idea with Sulus doubles and to find the right one (nice trick how to find the right one BTW)....


1) When you found the right one it's hard but not impossible to knock him in a corner. But you have to hurt him to make him stay there as he always tries to fight the other sulus or even worse the Boss himself.

2) Well perhaps we didn't find out yet how to prevent all these MILLIONS of undine spwaningwhen boss falls under 50% health. This is close to impossible and if then with a great portion of luck and exploiting. (Is there a trick to prevent them spwaning?)

3) The Boss has a selfheal. it's neraly impossible to kill him in 30 seconds if you don't habe 3 or more tacticals with you :/.

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