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09-30-2010, 12:58 AM
Originally Posted by picardalpha2clearance View Post
1. When will we see some Klingon sashes for our FED BOs?

2. When will we see bridge functionality/travel /combat/ panel interaction that is much needed to be trek?
( More ship interior usage, uniforms, computer use, auto navigation by system, alternative view point instead of instance ( IE ready room to bridge).

3. When will we be able to customize uniforms (by class) for NPCs?

4. When will we see a new BO training system/Trade/Recruit (exchange style) with new BOs and banked fleet skills to prevent training fraud/theft among players?

5. Fleet Admirals : will be able posses fleet star bases, but will be be able to have a same instance (fleet action by other fleets and factions) capture the flag/ or base, and will we be able to place them in Federation Space?

6. When will tier 5 ships be updated across the board? (IE Universal: 1 Commander, 3 Lt. Commander, 1 Lt. slots) so all classes may utilize all ships potential? ( 8 weapons slots forward and aft)

7. Playable Captain BOs when? (Want want !)

8. Android Playable/ Hologram character/ BOs when? (Want want !)

9. Sitting in chairs...ever?

10. When will BOs be able to use kits?

11. Mission replay ever?

12. Klingon and Fed teaming?

13. When will we be able to include away teams on STF and Fleet Actions with not enough Captains?

14. When will we see "Yesterday's Enterprise" TNG Military Uniform and white Phaser belt? (for extra weapons slot available on all uniforms)

15. When will we be able to mix and match all COM badges and uniforms variations for full customization as advertised?

16. When will we see the title system/powers ( First Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Security Chief, Transporter Chief)?

17. When will you fix the Galaxy X that needs a refit turn rate?

18. When will we be able to max out our character tree and unlock all LVL III abilities? (Fleet Admiral?)
Or leave the skill tree open to move points around? ( re specs are a band aid to a bad system)

19. When will we see a BO/ NPC Ship interior placement tool?

20. IN GAME (NON C-Store) expanded commissioned crew roster as suggested before C-Store release?
(no increase at VIce Admiral? like 6 slots?) for crew?

21. When will be able to customize uniforms for BOs that we currently can not?(BORG STF, BREEN, HOLO SCIENCE OFFICER...ETC)

22. When will we be able to use all newly purchased uniforms with (all) BOs?

**23** When will we be able to have NPC fleets composed of our Captains follow us around the universe?
23A Shortly after Fleet Admiral is introduced?
23B Can we then Compose away teams from all crews and/or NPC Captains?

24 When will we able to take away teams of 7? (or up to 7, and let us decide how many up to 7 to take,
want more BOs on away teams)

25. Can we keep BO's after they train another BO? ( instead of jacking up the exchange prices, people would be more willing to train if they did not lose the skill.)

Thank You......we still have a long way to go......
23,A,B, 24,25 are new questions!!!