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09-30-2010, 04:23 AM
Originally Posted by JeanNYGUARD View Post

Will you guys be working on a Mac Edition of Star Trek Online?

Jean Marciniak
considering that STO is based off an IE87/8 platform browser(if i can remember that bit of detail correctly from way early on in the game- shortly after retail release) from what i understand- the only way to play STO on a mac is through bootcamp, because macs cant actually use IE natively.

as for my own question- i have a couple:

1)Replayable missions- are we going to get them eventually? i like how gateway now has 2 missions(and 2 different rewards), but my other favorite PvE missions are the Q one and the Tribble with Klingons. i want to replay those. im tired of making new toons just to play those missions again- especially since there is a huge number of levels to gain between chances to replay them

2)Q- when are we going to see him, and not his lil son?

3)Fleet starbases- when are they coming?

4)Ship interiors- when are we gonna get them more customisable, get a proper aspect ratio of randomly generated crew, get crew placed properly(what are engineering officers doing scanning tacticals in the med bay?), more interaction of the interiors of the ships, brigs, and lastly- when can i play poker with my BOffs? i see the tables, but i cant use them