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When joining a new bridge officer to your crew, you are given the option to change is name, and change its appearance. The problem is, if you do both - only possible by changing the name first, I believe - then the new appearance you've selected for your BO will not actually implement itself. Instead, somehow, on the tailor UI it shows that costume as one of their costume options, rather than what they're wearing, and you can't just select that costume and click 'wear' to set it right. It's all a little less convenient than that...

But what really ****es me off is the one I found out about today:

I got the Breen bridge officer. I opted to rename it. And while I was there, I thought I'd write a short bio for it. Nothing wrong with that, right? Yet for some reason, in the rename screen for my Breen BO, under Biography, it showed my player character's biography. I suppose that's where the alarm bells should've gone off, cause after wiping it, and typing in a quick Breen bio, I went to see the fruits of my labor and...

No bio. So I sigh, annoyed, but hey, it was just a blurb, I figure I'll redo it, if not quite word for word. And did.

So, I click past my BOs, seeing if there's any I'd want to update, by now my previous bit of a misfortune forgotten, until I get to myself...

Guess what mom? I grew up to be a Breen! (And you said I wasn't cool!)

The bio I'd written for my BO the first time around, had replaced my own.

My own, substantially longer one, in so much as the character limit for character biographies allows that. (But that's another pet peeve entirely, stick around, perhaps some day I'll tell you about it.) Which is exactly the trouble I'm now running into rewriting it. Anyway, it's not something that's going to happen to me personally a second time, or to that many people in general, but it still comes across pretty careless.

I don't know if this is just the Breen BO or the others do it as well. I don't seem to recall ever having noticed my own Bio on a BO's rename screen before.