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09-30-2010, 03:10 PM
A couple quick questions:

1) Now that ya'll have added an Advanced Heavy Cruiser and an Advanced Research Vessel, as well as their retrofits, is there a plan for an Advanced Heavy Escort and a Retrofit?

2) Will User Generated Content tools be limited to making new missions, or will customs ship interiors, starbases, uniforms, weapons, etc be allowed?

3) Are there any future plans ever for compensating the people who had the C-Store bonus's fiasco like the Referral Program participants got?

4) Will any new Lifetime Subscriber bonuses come like the website promises?

5) Are there any plans to revamp the "crafting" system to make it less like an upgrade system and more like a crafting system, being able to add your own custom modifiers with a certain number of points, being able to upgrade any weapon, etc? And will there be a Klingon crafting system like it?

6) Will there be a revamp of the current system in Exploration clusters so that the randomly generated missions visuals, dialogue, and objectives fit together? As in, no more beaming down to a planet with a yellow atmosphere from space but blue and green below or beaming down to a true way base that is just a Federation base skin?