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09-30-2010, 09:19 PM
Originally Posted by Vampeiyre
If you're using the Tier 5 Excelsior, and use the original "Search For Spock" hull, the yellow starfleet pennant is chopped in half, with the lower half missing.
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Originally Posted by wfs5519 View Post
I noticed the primary weapons on the Mogai for the romulans is firing from the nacelles. it should be firing from the tips of the wings just outside the nacelles
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Originally Posted by Angelfire25 View Post
Galaxy class retrofit model. The animation where the saucer reconnects back to the main hull only shows the galaxy saucer instead of the majestic saucer if customized as one. really wierd when u see it and then when it connects it shows the majestic...hope you can fix that too
This has been made known to the devs on many occasions in many different threads.