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10-01-2010, 09:59 AM
Originally Posted by claydermunch View Post
I can't. I do not have access to the data needed for that.

I can only say that noone i know who has left the game did so because of the c-store.

Actually they left because:

It got stale and boring - lag of content
The whole "untrekness" of the experience that is sto.
Appaled by gameplay.
Outrage over the referral/Galaxy X thing. But they came back when it was available in the c store.

noone left because there wee things in the c-store. Not even when pre order stuff got available. noone cared for that.
Nobody has access to the data except for Cryptari and they're not spilling the beans. While it's not a big of a reason for people to leave or stop playing, the C-Store can still be a contributing factor. Just because nobody you know has left because of it doesn't mean that there are people who HAVE left based purely on the money store. Neither of us has the raw data to confirm nor deny it.

I salute you for making use of your most powerful tool as a customer: you wallet, and keeping it shut.
As a lifer, the C-Store is the ONLY way for me to vote with my wallet. Maybe if the devs make the game better and more fun to play (for me) I MIGHT open my wallet briefly and buy a couple items as a "good job". Until then, it's staying shut.

You are ill informed.

A Free 2 play game based on MT's LIVES of grind and the consumption of items that will make a horrible gameplay experoience good., (xp boosters ans all incarnation of speedbumps for the play. up to and including items, weapons etc.)
They key there is that all those items get consumed on use. They have to be bought again and again - good games give the items lifetimes that count down every time you actually play - making it into some sort of "pay per play" subscription where you really only pay for the time you actually spend playing.
"Bad" F2P games will have items that have a set date-do-date lifetime, independent of you actual usage times.

STO is really not geared toward that kind of mechanic. There is no "need" to buy from the c-store and you cant viable remake the game to fit the scheme.

And then you also have the issue of Star Trek being a ****** expensive License.

F2P games can survive because the cost of running them are rather low. You do not have 3 companys involved who ALL want their share.


Thats 3 companies who all want money out of this. F2P cannot cover that.

Currently, the c-store is indeed a tool a to sell us more doodads. Its like DLC.

Welcome to the new world. Like it or not, its here to stay. Vote with your wallet.

Go to cinema instead. Or Theater. Go see a game of whatever. Save the money.
I agree that STO is in no shape for it to go F2P in any form anytime soon. It just doesn't have the infrastructure as it currently stands. However, going F2P is not the death knell that some people think it would be. Look at how Turbine has been handling their games and tell me it's not a viable alternative to a purely sub-based game. If Cryptic changes their model and adapts the game for a hybrid model, then I could conceivably see it making them MORE money than the subscription-with-mt-store system they currently have in place. It just won't happen for a few years. It took DDO and LOTRO a long time for them to be converted into a F2P hybrid system. If I see it before, say the two year anniversary (at a bare minimum), THEN I'll start to worry.

But do not come here and doom and gloom all day because seriously we do not give a shiite.
I'm NOT crying doom-and-gloom here. I'm actually not against the C-Store as a concept, but rather how Cryptic has been handling it. If they make everything attainable in-game by some means, then I'll shut up...or at least not be as vocal about it. I've gotten over the pre-order mess, the RAF fiasco, and now the test tribbles. It's not as big of a deal for me as it once was, but I'd like to see something given back in return for our support.