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Unumís Personal log, Stardate 238709.30:

Iíve waited for this opportunity for quite a while now. Talon and I have been separated for months, and we now have the opportunity for some alone time away from a starship. Planet T8A looked like the perfect spot for a weekend getaway. Itís secluded, and a itís virtual paradise. The first night on T8A, also known as Planeta Del Amor, was romantic and peaceful. The next morning, we awoke to the sound of the waterfall at Kassaís Pool nearby, and then we walked toward our spacecraft several meters away for supplies. When arrived at the landing spot, we found that the craft had been partially devoured. Devoured was the appropriate word because the metal had been stripped from the craft, and hardly anything was left of it. When we returned to our campsite, we found it ransacked. Weíre on the run now, with no supplies, and no idea what awaits us until help arrives.

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