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10-01-2010, 03:20 PM
Originally Posted by Quetzaal
Problem is that rank II and III are Commander rank. Also, it is more powerful than the other attack patterns at Lt. IMO. I would go APOIII and get a more worthwhile Lt skill instead (HYIII, BOIII, APDII etc.)
(I think you meant HY2, BO2, and APD2 as the abilities you listed are Lt Cmdr and not the center of our discussion right now. I am more focused the Lt and, by tangent, Cmdr abilities.)

While I understand what you mean about the APO3 (in the case that you HAVE a Cmdr tac BO on your ship), I disagree with your logic and here is why:

APO2 has no place in this game whatsoever in its current state. There are other abilities that have the same issue with them and I'm not here to argue that, only that I think it's silly to even have 3 ranks in the current set up. There is no reason to have a rank 2 Cmdr ability in any capacity other than you haven't spammed zone at ESD for someone to train you in rank 3. Why not just have Rank 1 in Lt Cmdr and Rank 2 in Cmdr (with the current rank 3 stats).

I guess my argument could have been alternatively stated as:
"the abilities that share rank 2 and 3 both in Cmdr slots warrant re-evaluation."

APO1 was the one I chose to bring up b/c it is the one that most directly affects me and my desire to use APO1 in Lt slot along with HY3 in an heavy cruiser.