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10-01-2010, 04:37 PM
I think being able to command a task group made up of your promoted officers and other ships would be a great idea. But to be fair to those who perfer the lone-wolf style of play it would have to be an option only. Thankfully I think the game already supports both styles of play very well.

We already have mission scaling for solo and group play so they could use the same system. If you're a lone wolf admiral and elect to not bring another vessel along, that's fine. You play a standard solo mission. If you elect to bring another ship or two along with you the game could scale up to a group mission the way it does now when you have other players in the team.

In addition, future level expansions they could add a captain skill tree revolving around bonuses to commanding your subordinate ships (formations, attack patterns, etc). Cryptic would also have to offer other desireable skill trees specializing in enhancing aspects of your own ship to give the solo admiral attractive alternative skill progression paths as well.